IMPULSO was born in the heart of God through Youth Pastor Leslie Lanza from Código 4.12 Youth Ministries in Oklahoma City after noticing a need for genuine Holy Spirit encounters among today’s youth, especially those already attending church. The indifference to God’s supernatural ways and His Holy Spirit has caused many young people to remain blinded by the enemy and therefore, slaved to addictions, depression and other worldly influences. Código 4.12 Youth is a ministry of Pasión Iglesia under the leadership of Lead Pastors Dr. Luis and Lilliana Avila and Associate Pastors Yeudy and Marita Umaña. Pasión Iglesia is an International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC). IMPULSO is a yearly spiritual retreat where students, youth groups and youth ministers from various places and denominations come together to receive a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and challenged to walk in the supernatural and do more for the kingdom of God. 2018 was the first year we launched IMPULSO under the theme of “Provoking His Presence” and it was a great success! We can confidently say this because we saw with our own eyes how God transformed the lives of those that attended. We had students baptized in the fire of the Holy Spirit and others that accepted Christ as their savior. 2019's theme was: “The Promise of the Holy Spirit” based on John 14:15-20 and we saw a greater outpouring of His presence in the lives of everyone that attended. Our main goal is to create an atmosphere where today’s youth and youth leaders can have genuine encounters with His presence not just hype and sensationalism but a true-life transforming experience. We offer an impactful agenda for adolescents and young adults ranging from 12-25 years of age and specific generational leadership trainings to youth leaders/pastors. Our day activities are fun, challenging and accepting of everyone’s abilities. Our team and ministry partners take great pride in providing a loving, safe, and welcoming environment for all the students, youth leaders and everyone that attends. Once retreat ends, students that give their lives to Christ are connected with local youth leaders/pastors for a continual discipleship.


Creemos en la unidad, en el trabajo en equipo porque esa es la voluntad de Dios para Su pueblo. Cuando Dios nos da una visión individualmente es para ejecutarla en conjunto al resto del cuerpo de Cristo. Un pueblo dividido no permanece ni puede lograr mucho. Nuestro anhelo es aliarnos con líderes y ministerios visionarios de Dios y juntos poder ejecutar la visión de Dios en el ahora con el fin de ver jóvenes y líderes transformados por el poder del Espíritu Santo. "La presente generación tiene heridas que debemos ayudar a curar y heridas que podemos prevenir con la ayuda de buenos ejemplos y con la ayuda del Espíritu Santo." Todos tenemos el llamado de ser facilitadores de la unidad, promovedores de Su presencia y visión en la tierra. "Si alguien bendice a las nuevas generaciones que intentas servir, ese alguien es tu aliado y no tu competencia" - Dr. Lucas Ley, Liderazgo Generacional

Leslie y Roger Lanza

Pastores de Jóvenes

Código 4.12 Youth